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I was born in Britain to Jamaican parents. I'm a mum to my gorgeous son and a fashion and soft furnishings designer. I'm fun loving, totally in love and inspired by my Creator (not religious!!)optimistic and free!!

Info On My Locs

  • Installation Date: 24, 25 & 26 July 08
  • Interlock clock pattern 9,6,9,12
  • Trainee Consultant: Sabrina
  • How Many Hours: 26
  • How Many Days: 3
  • Lock Pattern: 3
  • My Hair Curl Type: Loose and Deep (S-Curl)
  • How Many: 447 (finally took the time out to count them!!)
  • Sisterlock end date: September 2009
  • Traditional Loc Installation Date: March 2010
  • Interlock Pattern: Palm Roll / Coil Twist
  • Consultant: Ezme
  • How Many Hours: 4-6hrs
  • How Many Days:1
  • How Many Locs: 184

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Pics

I've just dyed my hair red and thought i'd put a few pics of the colour and hairstyle that i've been rocking today. For all those who are/were regular visitors to my site would know that i live for colour!!! There was no braiding and banding this time round just me slapping it in.

I started with the ends first and worked my way up to the roots for logical purposes!! Colour was left in the ends for 40-50 mins and the roots no longer than 30mins.

Check out the results


Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

love the color very vibrant considering you didnt bleach first, looks like your new set of locks are locking a lot better then the SL's

Lovin Natural said...

Your hair looks amazing! I love the color and the size of your traditional locks! What was the reason you changed from sisterlocks to traditional? I too am contemplating switching. I started my sister's trad locs about 3 years ago and I love the fullness and 'thicker' loc size. At the moment I have not made a decision but I am considering switching. Your thoughts.... Peace and Blessings!

Ezme said...

Thanks E!!
Hey there Lovin Natural, idecided to switch maily because i wasnt feeling the thinnest ( if thats a word) of the locs. The up-keep as in cost and time was way too much!! I did do my research and totally understood what i was letting myself in for but it wasn't untill i found myself actually in the moment that i decided that this was just not for me!! Ultimately i now love and adore my thicker fuller locs!! Check out some other blogs there are quite a few on here who have gone from trad to sisters so you can get a complete overview to allow u to come to an informed decision. Good Luck and thanks for the compliment x

Nubian1 said...

hello Ezme! I fully understand the starting over particularly as a relationship ends. You're a strong woman and like many others before you, you will cope with what life throws at you. Fall, stand up, dust yourself off, and keep on walking with your head held high.

Welcome back to the land of Blog!!

Kittylocks said...

Love the colour, style and thickness of your locks weel done on doing this yourself.