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I was born in Britain to Jamaican parents. I'm a mum to my gorgeous son and a fashion and soft furnishings designer. I'm fun loving, totally in love and inspired by my Creator (not religious!!)optimistic and free!!

Info On My Locs

  • Installation Date: 24, 25 & 26 July 08
  • Interlock clock pattern 9,6,9,12
  • Trainee Consultant: Sabrina
  • How Many Hours: 26
  • How Many Days: 3
  • Lock Pattern: 3
  • My Hair Curl Type: Loose and Deep (S-Curl)
  • How Many: 447 (finally took the time out to count them!!)
  • Sisterlock end date: September 2009
  • Traditional Loc Installation Date: March 2010
  • Interlock Pattern: Palm Roll / Coil Twist
  • Consultant: Ezme
  • How Many Hours: 4-6hrs
  • How Many Days:1
  • How Many Locs: 184

Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Pics

I've just dyed my hair red and thought i'd put a few pics of the colour and hairstyle that i've been rocking today. For all those who are/were regular visitors to my site would know that i live for colour!!! There was no braiding and banding this time round just me slapping it in.

I started with the ends first and worked my way up to the roots for logical purposes!! Colour was left in the ends for 40-50 mins and the roots no longer than 30mins.

Check out the results

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Girl where the hell have u been???

Well, well, well what can i say ladies Ezme has returned from the wilderness looking completely different from the last time u set eyes on her!!!!

But what caused the absence in the first place i hear u cry Weeeeeeeeelllllllllll!!!

I am now a single mum after having quite a traumatic break from my childs father but at the same time good riddance to bull shit!!!!

I had to sort my head heart and emotions out which has taken me 2 years (obviously) When i heal i like to make sure that the process is fully complete before i can continue on, I never thought it would take as long as it did but the plaster is off and i am fighting fit again!!!!

I've had to overcome personal illness and family death!

Nays is getting so big and demanding that i had to spend more time with him and with the break up of his parents he just needed that constant reassurance which meant two fingers up to my PC :0(

And with all the stress of everything i cut off my locs (boooooooo........ hisssssssss

I kno, i kno naughty Ezme bt there back now (HURRRAAAYYYY!!)

Minus the 'sister' part (mmmmmmmmmm)

I first cut the side off and was rocking that look for awhile (Rhianna) which i thought looked cute but my mind was in such a bad place at the time that i reached for my scissors and hacked of the lot and did i regret it...............


When i saw my little baby locs starring up at me from the floor i really thought ' Gurl thats it!! u really have lost all reason, thought and notions from your skull...FOOL!!I think alot of the act was me stripping myself from my ex...he paid for my SL's, took out all the fluff , stroked it and commented on them nearly everyday ( not always nice comments mind u!!!) and it was my way of getting the monkey of my back. However all this did happen in 2009 and as soon as my hair was long enough to where near 6inch more like 1in, my own hands were in there shaping my destiny..... shaping my locs!!!!!!!!!!!

Do i miss my SL's????

Funnily enough not really. Maybe thats a bit of a white lie.!!! Maybe thats hindsight talking!!! I do miss those neat partings and the millions of locs........... I dont miss the sore bum, arms and scalp from sitting getting them redone, the pain my purse felt everytime i had to open it to hand over the cash or the thinest of them ( is thinest a word...i duno bt im sure u kno what i mean... they were tooooo fine).

So what did i do to get my locs back????? Good ol fashioned coil strands all by myself (oh i already mentioned that part) but i stuck to the traditions of SLs ie spritz with water everyday (Now i add a liitle olive oil to the mix)no creams potions or lotions and the ever needed de-fluff

My new set of Locs were started in March 2010 and nothing really happened until the end of the year and now they have gone through the budding stage (kinda), a few at the front still havent taken and can be combed out (might have to think of latching them few!!!) but all in all i feel okay with these new locs on my head. There bigger i haven't counted them but i think there maybe 130 or so, and family and friends seems to prefer this new ste on my head as opposed to the SL's (interesting!!!) BTW all pics above are of me with my new set of locs...NOT SL'S!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Are you trying to make me say Sorry!!!

Lately i have been hit by a load of questions and things have been popping up in my face all to do with the complexion of skin!!!

On FB ( facebook) 2 questions (insults) came flying in my direction.

  1. Men are more attracted to light skin woman..... and

  2. Light skin women think that they are nice and have big egos

I'm sorry but what the f**k is going on!!!

I remember this foolishness being around when i was a teen but i never thought these notions still existed. I totally understand the history of the 'light skin woman', but i can tell you now that i'm not favored ( well not in this country) over jobs, men or the bank manager because of the lightness of my skin.

I remember as a child my dad being ashamed of my complexion ( he is a very dark skinned man who came from a very light skinned woman!!) Whenever the sun came out he wanted me naked, beached whaled, lapping up the rays. My mum who is light skinned has got the most gorgeous broad nose eva and so would be excepted as black but with my straight nose bridge i didn't get off as lightly!! The lightness of my skin was not something that i really noticed untill others pointed it out to me. I was raised to believe that i was a black woman. ' Girl' my mum used to say "Your gonna have to work twice as hard in this life cos your black and a woman' she never once said ' Girl your light skin.. men will fall at your feet, jobs will come easy in fact just sit back, it will all come to you!!'

Why do i feel that i need to apologise for being a redder tone??

Why do i feel so angry when this s**t is brought up??

I still face rascism and rejection like everyone else. I even face confusion..

'Is she mixed?',

'Who's white your mum your your dad??'

'You know what girl for years i thought you were mixed race!!',

'Why are you locing up your hair i bet its pretty!!',

'Oh! i didn't know you had a son! Does he have green eyes??'

I repeat........... What the f**k!!!

The distressing part is that these questions or blatant displays of ignorance comes from my own black women

Talking to a lot of my friends who have a darker comlexion, ( i only have one friend who shares the same complexion as me and these same issues) they seem to have lifes where the colour is not an issue which amazes me eveytime i hear it. I know you may find this hard to believe but they have never been called a rasist name!!! I know i know baffling cos i have!!. There complexion has never been an issue, they have alot of acceptance and don't move in the circles where ignorance and bigotry is prolific. I suppose when your light skinned caucasions may feel that you are a part of them in some why and as a child can get close enough to insult...... i don't know i'm just pulling ideas out of the air!!

Listen up..... I am sure that in every race there are women and men who have big egos. Personally i do believe that the first person anyone needs to love is themselves.......or is that a LSW (light skinned woman) thing lol!!!

My granny used to say that 'there is a plaster for every sore' so im sure there are men out there who love woman from any and every race not just us LSW.

Well i for one is fed up with facing these prejudice comments from my own peeps

For those who have this negative and damaging thought process.... It' s time to fix up!!

I'm done with apologising!!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Today Kreative Blogger Award, Tomorrow an Acadamy Award ..... maybe!!!!

My girl Euphoria has nominated me for a kreativ blogger award. I'm honoured and flattered but i really don't know why as i have been toooo busy with life and have been neglecting my blogging duties.
Anyho i have to nominate 7 peeps and list 7 things that i love so here goes

1. Has to be my boy Nay Nays. He simply is my everything. xXxXx

2. My fiance. He gets on my last nerve all the bloody time, He makes me laugh when i'm really p****ed off and attempts to calm me down when the temper is suffocating me. Love ya babe xXx

3. Friends and family. I simply adore them. Growing as an only child you quickly learn to appreciate all of those who look out for you!! xXx

4. Fashion. I'm not a follower of fashion and never have been but it is my trade, i have a talent for it. The more outrageous the better.

5. Spirituality. I have a gift and am intent of developing it. Nuff said!

6. Music. If i hadn't had Nay Nays this one would be at the top spot. It soothes my soul, awakens my spirit and cools my temper.

and finally

7. Life. I just reached 30 and have had time to reflect on my past and ponder on my future. I am learning to love this life that i have chosen to live and know that everyday i am faced with challenges that i can conquer, love that i can hold and secret blessings in abundance.
Thank You Jah xXx



Just Alayio
Chosen Vessel
Angel Locs
and finally.....yes you've guessed's
....Naturally Sophia

Friday, 3 April 2009

Products that i am trying

I am sure that u all know by now that i am a resident of the UK, and unfortunately for us over here the quanity of hair products that help with any types of locs or any type of hair for that matter is extremely limited. I have looked at countless blog pages and read great reviews on products that we simply don't have to hand in good ol' blighty!! Do i want to wait 14 - 28 days for certain products to be delivered to me via the internet from the great US of A. Nope. So what i have decided is to try to use as many products available at any one time. Right now that is Jamaica Mango and Lime. The products i have bought so far are : Tingle Shampoo, Protein Conditioner, Lock and Set Styling Lotion and Island Oil. This is not a review as i have not tried out any of the producs yet but i have been told by a few that the shampoo is great. It has a great aroma, it does tingle the scalp so gives the impression that it is doing more than it should, the scalp and hair feels clean afterwards.

I have also decided to purchase 2 packs of perm rollers (each packet containing 12 rods at 2.99) and try a little corkscrew effect. At least this way i will be able to try out all the products at one time !! I won't leave it so long for the pics this time (promise!!.... or am i just comforting a fool!!)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pics from my 30th Birthday Party

I wished i had taken some pics of the back of this hair style. I had used my xl sponge rollers and curled by whole head. I then flat twisted only two rows at the sides and joined them together at back of my head making sure the curls above it hung losely covering the knot. I then done a large flat twist at the back moving form the left to the right ( you can just make out the clip holding it up). The whole style from taking out the rollers to the finished product took no less than 10 mins. Oh yeah asnd finally you all can see the colour.

This is my bf of 19 years. She has the most beautiful thick hair, but decided to use straighteners on this occasion

I love this pic, with me and my natural girls and guy!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sorry peeps.
I know its been a while since i blogged but i have been busy, busy, busy with Uni, motherhood etc....etc, plus i have just had it confirmed that i have rheumatism in my fingers on my right hand and it is really painful so with all the drawing, cutting etc with fashion and then using my fingers to type ......... NONO!!
So what is the update with my hair. Firstly my computer was reformatted and so i lost everything, all the pics i had taken of the red head .... SORRY!! Bear with me and i will put up some at some point.
Ok, let me give u a summary of the last 6mths and what i have learnt and what i could have done differently

Avid readers of my blog would know that the word SLIPPAGE was as common with me as using oxygen to breathe. Basically it was bloody awful. Now all seems to be under control. DIY was the answer.

No one to depend on,

i can do the in between upkeep and

saving on that money, money, money


So once that was under control i decided to dye my hair RED. What i had to do is:

dye the roots first as they had no colour in them and would take longer to absorb the dye

then take it to the ends

braid and band


There is no point me lingering on that point cos i know you lot just want the pics LOL

The actual thickening of the locs is causing the most problems. Some of them look like they are loc'd while some of them look like i have just had them installed, some of them i have braided and some of them are half and half, some of the are budding in the middle and some of them are only budding where i have started my D.I.Y journey...... madness........ but i am loving them more now that i am in control

Those of you who are scared of d.i.ying or unsure let me tell ya'll something


I feel that i now know the whole of my head intimately, something i would never have felt if i had continued with Sabs. I know which parts of my head are the problem spots, where it locs quick, where i might have to use a different pattern etc..... Another thing is that my locs are alot thicker when i D.I.Y, where Sabs used to do it it was tight and thin and with me its tight and fat, don't know if that info helps anyone but "there u go!!"
The only bummer is that there are a few that i have accidently loc'd together but at the same time there are some that i could see that Sabs had loc'd tooo thinly and needed to be paired up. Another thing,

Do you know that they are all different sizes and i mean ALL.

I know that they are still in there baby stages but because i have been D.I.Ying i can just tell, and i think that it also has something to do with the fact that the texture of my hair is different in different areas. At the same time i don't mind because i am still lovin the experiance and I GOT LOCS